OpenSIPS Certification Test

This is the OpenSIPS Certified Professional Test

** Important, this test is restricted to students having participated in an OpenSIPS Bootcamp/eBootcamp **

The OpenSIPS Certified Professional (OCP) credential shows clients and employers that you can design, implement and administer a SIP Proxy based in the OpenSIPS SIP Server. Implementation responsibilities include, installing, configuring and troubleshooting a SIP infrastructure based in the OpenSIPS server.

The credential covers the knowledge of Installation, SIP Routing, OpenSIPS Scripting Skills, Authentication, OpenSIPS Control Panel, Connection to the PSTN, Call Forwarding and Media Server Integration, NAT Traversal, Load Balancing, Clustering, Accounting and Monitoring Tools. The OCP credentials were created for professionals who are going to design, maintain and troubleshoot SIP infrastructures typically found in telecommunication companies, VoIP providers and large telephony systems based on the SIP protocol.

3. Requirements

The OpenSIPS Certified Professional credential is available on online tests. To assure the validity of the test, we have combined theoretical and a practicum exams where the student will deliver a real case scenario installed in a datacenter.

To earn the OCP certification on OpenSIPS, you must:

  1. Attend the OpenSIPS eBootcamp or Bootcamp
  2. Pass on the OpenSIPS Certified Professional Exam Practicum
  3. Have at least 100 points in the practicum test, delivered as a server running in a datacenter

Practicum Exam Details: The practicum exam is a 8 hour practical test executed over the Internet in a Virtual Server with a valid address. The Server is an Debian Linux Server, 1GB RAM, 10GB disk, MySQL and OpenSIPS dependencies pre-installed. There are 70 points in mandatory requirements and 60 points in optional requirements. Minimum score: 100 points.

Exam Topics: The exam topics are exactly the same of the OpenSIPS Bootcamp plus the installation of the control panel.

Your Instructor

Flavio E Goncalves
Flavio E Goncalves

Flavio E. Goncalves has graduated as an Engineer in 1988. What best defines him, is an entrepreneur with strong technical skills.

22+ years of experience in Voice over IP systems, 6500+ students on Udemy

He started as a Network and Database Administrator in 1989 and in the technical carrier got the following certificates

  • Novell Master CNE in 1993
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in 1995
  • Cisco CCNP, CCDP, CCSP and CCIE written
  • Asterisk dCAP in 2006
  • OpenSIPS Instructor and creator of the OpenSIPS Bootcamp and OpenSIPS Certified Professional

He has founded four companies:

  • V.Office, Network Systems Integrator, Since 1996
  • SipPulse, Communication Systems, Since 2010
  • Api4Com, APIs for communication, Since 2018
  • WeHostVoIP, Hosting VoIP Application, Since 2020

In the VoIP School the objective is to build a community of people related to VoIP, Instructors and Students in the same place. With the teachable interface, the teaching model can be a lot better. We hope to offer more web-conference trainings and coaching.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the test start and finish?
The test starts in January 21th 15:00 GMT and end in January 21th 23:00 GMT
Is the test theoretical or practical
The test is practical. A set of 7 mandatory requirements and 6 optional requirements will be given. After the test you will receive an evaluation of each skill tested. A minimum of 100 of 130 points available are required to pass. Each requirement complete give from 5 to 20 points. Fractional points may be given for incomplete requirements, so try all of them.
What will I receive after passing the test?
Your will receive a OpenSIPS Certified Professional badge, Your name will be inserted in the list of OpenSIPS certified professionals in the website with your linkedin link (optional). Your picture taken during the test and the list of evaluated skills will be printed along the Certificate.
What is required for the exam?
It is required to have a webcam and a web-conference session will be open during all the test. Please keep the video open and mic off (unless you want to ask a question regarding the test). This is the web-conference invitation, please do not share with others. The same hardware and software required for the OpenSIPS Bootcamp.
Is the test open book?
The test is open book and you can have access to any literature, but no assistance during the test from third-party is admitted. You should follow the Honor Code. "You may not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve your results or dishonestly improve or damage the results of others"
Can I register for the test if have not participated in the Bootcamp
The OpenSIPS Bootcamp is a requirement for the certification. So, if you register without having completed the eBootcamp, your registration will be refused and payment refunded.
What is the content of the test?
The content of the test is the same as the OpenSIPS Bootcamp + OpenSIPS Quickstart with small variations in the features to not be exactly like the labs. If you were capable to do all the labs with small variations you would be able to complete successfully.
Which is the cost to retake the test if I fail?
You may retake the test for free in the next edition if you fail to obtain the score in this edition.

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